Tanishaa Rao

Process Studio S23/24

Grenadine Ceramic Thumb-Controlled Rain Watering Can Design Brief The objective of this project was to challenge students to conceive and create objects that evoke joy, delight, and positivity without being classified as traditional

Publication Design S23/24

Herring-Weekly Magazine Herring is a humor magazine that uses satire as its primary comedic tool to comment on and critique various aspects of society, culture, politics, and current events. Project Objectives 1. Establish


Shot On: Olympus af-10 mini, Kodak Gold 200 Member Moment: Tanishaa RaoThis week we interviewed Film Club member Tanishaa Rao who sent us a collection of photos from Philly, New York City, and

Applied Design Visualization F23/24

BlendAir Purifier Design Brief Design an air purifier in the style of the brand Melissa and Doug for a single mother on a date night. The Product An air purifier, also known as