Midnight Hog™

Midnight Hog™

Project Objectives

    • Create a distinctive and memorable logo that captures the essence of Midnight Hog.
    • Develop a color palette and typography that reflect the brand’s personality and values.
    • Design packaging that stands out on the shelf and communicates the quality and uniqueness of our coffee.
Package Design

Why "Midnight Hog"?

The word "Midnight" evokes a sense of the night, suggesting coffee as a companion for late hours, productivity, or nocturnal activities."Hog" adds a rugged, earthy quality, possibly hinting at a robust, strong coffee; Also short for "Hedgehog" which is a nocturnal animal.

Brand Personality

"Midnight Hog" conveys a bold and edgy personality. It suggests a brand that is confident, adventurous, and perhaps a bit unconventional, appealing to customers who see themselves similarly.

Marvin the Hedgehog

Marvin the Hedgehog serves as the beloved mascot of Midnight Hog Coffee, symbolizing the spirit of exploration, reliability, and community. Whether you're up late working on a project, embarking on a nighttime adventure, or simply enjoying a quiet moment, Marvin is there to accompany you with a perfect cup of coffee. Marvin has a keen eye for spotting the most unique and interesting coffee beans. He keeps them in a special section of his cozy burrow, each one meticulously labeled with details about its origin and flavor profile.